Musculoskeletal screenings

Musculoskeletal screenings are essentially a suite of sports or movement specific tests that help identify any particular areas of concern in our clients.

The examination helps to determine any deficiencies in muscle strength, stability, control, activation process and length, and also informs our staff about your joint structure, stability alignment and function that may contribute to an increased risk of injury.


There is increasing evidence that injury rates can be reduced through the implementation of muscoskeletal screenings.

Screenings allow therapists and clients to gain information about:

  • Past and current injuries, allowing for improved injury management and prevention

  • Identify areas of deficit or weakness that can be targeted with specific exercise prescription

  • Track physical changes over time, allowing for improved management of high training and competition loading

We’ve found screenings are even more crucial for adolescent athletes, as it allows therapists to determine the impact of growth on strength and sport-specific activities. 

This provides an optimal opportunity to provide athletes, coaches and parents with appropriate education about acute injuries, optimal recovery methods and training approaches.

Are screenings just for athletes?

In short, no. We conduct general movement screenings as well as sport specific screenings as they can help people of all fitness abilities with increased knowledge and understanding of their health and wellbeing. 

A typical screening will involve assessing:

  • Posture

  • Movement patterns

  • Muscle length

  • Strength

  • Joint flexibility

  • Sports-specific movements

Screenings not only provide your therapist with crucial information for injury prevention, but also allow for baseline measures to be collected that can be used as references for general monitoring and future rehabilitation.

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